Mirabel Heli Support Inc.: A One-Stop Shop, Customer-Centric MRO

Patrice Chaput, President And Director Of Maintenance, Mirabel Heli Support Inc.Patrice Chaput, President And Director Of Maintenance
The number of privately-owned helicopters across the U.S. and Canada is skyrocketing, and so are their maintenance and customization needs.

The use of these aircraft for specific business and personal needs, rather than just as a means of transportation, has been reflected in the ever-growing technical maintenance, aesthetic and functional customization requirements.

Despite this immediate necessity, most helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies have their core competency focused on only one facet: either maintenance or customization. As a result, owners must collaborate with multiple vendors to fulfill their unique airborne applications and personal choices. This makes the process extremely complicated and time-consuming.

Mirabel Heli Support is an MRO specialist that can provide an end-to-end portfolio of customization, maintenance, and repair, with the utmost care and professionalism.

Our Customer-Centric Service Delivery Model Allows Us To Treat Them As Friends While Our One-Stop Shop Portfolio Handles All Their Mro Needs

As a rapidly growing end-to-end helicopter MRO specialist, Mirabel Heli Support offers a full scale of technical maintenance including visual and functional customization services to numerous privately-owned and commercially operated helicopters in Canada. Today, the company caters to a wide range of privately-owned helicopters, supporting about 50 helicopters, including EC 120, EC 130, AS 350/355, Bell 206, R22 and R44. “At Mirabel Heli Support, we always strive to maintain close relationships with our clients,” says Patrice Chaput, president and director of maintenance of Mirabel Heli Support. “Our customer-centric service delivery model allows us to treat them as friends while our one-stop shop portfolio handles all their MRO needs.”

An All-Inclusive Service Portfolio

Mirabel Heli Support’s prominent position in the MRO industry is the result of its comprehensive service portfolio built around the passion for ensuring quality—aesthetic or mechanical. The company’s offerings include a full-service maintenance portfolio that entails basic routine inspections, major inspections, troubleshooting, and dynamic balancing.

On the aesthetic side, Mirabel Heli Support offers full customization for helicopters, helping owners modify their aircraft based on their unique applications, taste, and needs. The company’s in-house paint shop provides maintenance, refurbishing, and holistic customization services for new and used helicopters. In addition, it offers avionic maintenance, repair, and overhaul services—with a highly competent MRO professional present onsite—for helicopters such as the Robinson 22, 44, Airbus H120, Airbus H130, AS 350/355, Bell 206 and Bell 505.

The team of capable and dynamic professionals at Mirabel Heli Support is also well-versed in offering unrivaled importation and pre-purchase inspection services. With experience in commercial and private aircraft manufacturing, they hold expertise in helicopter importing, leveraging it to deliver extensive and relevant information on clients’ desired aircraft, and counseling them in making an informed purchase. The company utilizes its leading aerospace partners to import helicopters quickly, and support clients in purchasing an aircraft or performing aviation training.
It also takes the lead in adequately evaluating and inspecting their next purchase while providing considerable details and decisive information. Mirabel Heli Support excels at kit installations, including GPS, bear paws, cargo mirrors, and engine air intake filters. It can also go the extra mile to address various composite repairs. From small jobs to major repairs, the company services composite panels and canopies according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Customer-Centricity is the Key

A major driver for Mirabel Heli Support’s success is its customer-centric service delivery model. The company works closely with clients through the highly dynamic aviation industry journey. Each engagement at Mirabel Heli Support begins with its team gaining a holistic view of its clients’ needs and aesthetic tastes. The company then works on identifying the best helicopters based on these insights and leverages its pre-purchase inspection services.

This is followed by the importation of the helicopter, brought to Mirabel Heli Support’s facility for necessary customizations. The company then educates clients on the best practices to properly maintain their aircraft and provides all necessary maintenance schedules and services.

“Dedicated to serving as our clients’ most trusted partner, we always strive to make the transaction easy for them,” states Chaput.
  • Dedicated To Serving As Our Clients Most Trusted Partner, We Always Strive To Make The Transaction Easy For Them

Staying True to Promises

A recent engagement with one of its most promising clients perfectly illustrates Mirabel Heli Support’s customer-centric approach. The customer was precise about the visual and technical specifications of the aircraft they wanted to purchase and did not want to have to partner with multiple MROs. After approaching Mirabel Heli Support, the client was able to find a helicopter that aligned with their desired brand, model, and specifications. Next, the company used its in-house paint shop to create a transformation to meet the client’s specifications. During this phase, the company performed painting, interior decoration, and exterior polishing to transform the standard helicopter into the one desired by the client. Another example of ensuring client satisfaction is Mirabel Heli Support’s partnership with Airbus. The company is now working on the complete customization of an Airbus helicopter. With this collaboration, Mirabel Heli Support is increasing proximity support and offering customizations for the aerospace giant’s helicopters.

These instances illustrate the company’s focus and passion for creating strong, long-term relationships with its clients and partners. No wonder Mirabel Heli Support serves as one of the two Airbus helicopter service centers available in Canada.

Recently, Mirabel Heli Support helped another customer with their unique helicopter customization needs after they bought an A-star B3 helicopter from Sweden, for which Mirabel Heli Support provided importation services. The team was quick to deliver its customization services, installing the required state-of-the-art communication system. The helicopter was repainted and delivered it on time, meeting a fast turnaround requirement.

The Road Ahead

From a physical standpoint, Mirabel Heli Support is a well-lit complex of 10,000 square feet and we are looking to double up to 20,000 square feet next year. Situated in the heart of the largest aerial park in Quebec. Inviting customers to this facility just to see what’s happening is a crucial indicator of the successful impact of its holistic MRO service center.

Mirabel Heli Support is expertly filling the void in the industry with its comprehensive services suite and customer-centric engagement approach.
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Mirabel Heli Support Inc.

Quebec, Canada

Patrice Chaput, President And Director Of Maintenance

Mirabel Heli Support is an end-to-end helicopter MRO services provider that conducts basic and advanced amendments on numerous privately-owned and commercially operated helicopters in Quebec, Canada. The company’s in-house paint shop provides maintenance, refurbishing, and holistic customization services for new and secondhand helicopters

Mirabel Heli Support Inc.

"Our Customer-Centric Service Delivery Model Allows Us To Treat Them As Friends While Our One-Stop Shop Portfolio Handles All Their Mro Needs"

- Patrice Chaput, President And Director Of Maintenance